New US Airways Fees

June 13, 2008

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer has a story about new fees at US Airways, including a $2 cash charge on the plane if you want to consume a NON alcoholic drink.  This is just absurd.  I actually feel this is a public health risk, because some people will probably choose not to drink anything on the plane who would drink a non-alcoholic drink if one were made available for free.  Furthermore, ATM’s typically dispense $20 bills, and flight attendants are going to gripe about making $18 in change from a $20 bill over and over again over the course of a flight.

I would not be surprised if there is a news story later this summer about someone passing out on a US Air flight due to dehydration.  If this occurs, it has the potential to result in a significant amount of negative press coverage of the airline, which could lead to financial consequences.  The water in the bathroom doesn’t really count as a drinking option, in my opinion.

The airline can’t even afford 3 cent bags of peanuts.  What’s going to be next?  A policy that only food and drink purchased from flight attendants on board the aircraft may be consumed on the aircraft, similar to rules regarding food and drinks being brought into events at stadiums?

What gives this airline the right to fly and treat their customers so poorly?  Would our country be better off if US Airways went out of business?  Maybe, maybe not, who knows…


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