Cheapest Amtrak Ticket Ever

June 12, 2008

One of my earlier postings detailed a trip to Paoli, PA I took last year on Amtrak which was extremely inexpensive for an Amtrak trip (the ticket was $6 from Philadelphia).  I recently found what probably is the absolute cheapest Amtrak ticket possible (other than free tickets earned through Amtrak Guest Rewards) — a trip from St. Louis, Missouri to Alton, Illinois.  The base fare on this run varies from $2 to $7, and with discounts such as student advantage, military, etc. the price can be even lower.

Here’s a photo of an actual ticket to prove that it’s real.

Obviously, earning points should not be the only reason to take a train trip.  But it’s not a bad thing to earn points on a meaningful trip, such as one for business or to visit friends or eat dinner.


One Response to “Cheapest Amtrak Ticket Ever”

  1. shawn Says:

    thought y not share some of her private pics ??

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