Rendell’s Stupid Income Tax Proposal

June 17, 2009

Today, the Inquirer reports how Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell wants to increase the state’s income tax rate substantially ( by almost 17% ) to help the state with its budget crisis.

Is Mr. Rendell living in a bat cave ?  This has to be the most absurd idea ever, especially with the current economic situation our state and country is facing.  This will just make life that much harder for everyone…with the state slicing off more of each person’s paycheck, less money will be available for Pennsylvania residents to spend in retail stores, meaning sales tax revenues will decrease.  This proposal most likely will have no effect on how much money comes into the state’s coffers, it will merely reallocate where the funding comes from.

I would greatly apprecate if our state would elect a Governor who at least could present himself or herself to the media as someone who sincerely cares about issues other than whether there should be toll booths on Interstate 80, how the convention center in Philadelphia should be run, and the logistics regarding Philadelphia’s future casinos.  Photo opportunities where the Governor is cutting  a ribbon at a groundbreaking ceremony for a building or work project do not qualify under my definition of a sincere interest in an issue.

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