Stupid EBay Bidders

December 30, 2008

A while ago I read about people who, possibly unknowingly, buy gift cards on Ebay for more than their face value. This behavior seems to defy any logical explanation; it is unlikely that someone would be doing this just to earn an Ebay positive feedback point.

Today, I saw an auction on Ebay for an Abercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt where the final sale price was in excess of US $225! Wow! Abercrombie & Fitch shirts are expensive, but holy cow.

Actually, the reason for the high sale price was that the individual selling the T-shirt is a young, reasonably attractive looking bodybuilder in Europe, and on his personal blog he mentioned that he was selling the shirt on Ebay to the highest bidder. Still, it seems like a massive waste of money.

Anti-Capitalism Rant

October 30, 2008

First off, Congrats to the Phillies for winning the 2008 World Series!  This was a spectacular season, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s games!

I was very disappointed to find that some individuals went online to the Phillies web site earlier today when tickets to a FREE celebratory event at the stadium were made available to Internet users, and requested tickets with no intention of actually going to the event.  Rather, these selfish individuals listed the free tickets on Ebay and Craigs List in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Here is a screen capture of one Ebay listing I find particularly despicable.  It is just as obscene that people are willing to pay over $100 a seat to a “free” event as it is for people to try to make a profit on it.  The person selling these tickets is based in the State of Massachusetts, not anywhere even close to Philadelphia.  If the event is FREE, then the expenses people incur in attending the event would reasonbly include things like train tickets to ride into the city to see the event, food and drinks at the event, and commemorative merchandise sold at or near the event like T-Shirts and hats.  Not admission itself.

Simply disgusting.

Darwin Awards

June 8, 2008

Some people are so stupid that it could be said they are in “mental group four”.  The Darwin Awards caters to this group of people, designed to “honor those who improve the species…by accidentally removing themselves from it.”  For instance, someone who accidentally dropped some pocket change into a storm drain went through desperate measures to get the money back including removing the drain cover from the road, and ultimately was almost killed.

Today, on the Consumerist blog, I read about an individual who spent over $55 on an Ebay auction for a $50 gift card to target.  I can’t think of any logical explanation for this behavior… and numerous commenters on Consumerist can’t figure it out either.