Darwin Awards

June 8, 2008

Some people are so stupid that it could be said they are in “mental group four”.  The Darwin Awards caters to this group of people, designed to “honor those who improve the species…by accidentally removing themselves from it.”  For instance, someone who accidentally dropped some pocket change into a storm drain went through desperate measures to get the money back including removing the drain cover from the road, and ultimately was almost killed.

Today, on the Consumerist blog, I read about an individual who spent over $55 on an Ebay auction for a $50 gift card to target.  I can’t think of any logical explanation for this behavior… and numerous commenters on Consumerist can’t figure it out either.

For those of you who have friends who aren’t convinced that global warming is not a hoax, you might want to learn some strategies on how to make them think about their beliefs. On the Grist Mill blog is a well-organized list of arguments skeptics employ and ways to show disprove the erroneous beliefs. The arguments are laid out in four frameworks – stages of denial, scientific specifics, argumentation methods, and level of sophistication.

I get a chuckle out of some of the skeptical arguments against global warming, such as “Scientists can’t even predict the weather next week, so why should we believe what some climate model tells us about 100 years from now?”