Drunk Driving

April 9, 2009

Many people who know me personally know that I’m a pretty serious baseball fan.  Last night, I listened to a little bit of the Angels/Athletics baseball game using the MLB.Com At Bat application on my Iphone.

Now, the starting pitcher for the Angels in last night’s game, Nick Adenhart, is dead 😦  thanks to a (expletive deleted) drunk driver, who didn’t even have the courage to wait for the police to arrive at the scene of the accident.

The Centers for Disease Control has a fact sheet about drunk driving on its web site, and the section on preventing DUI offers a few ideas.  It’s crazy that a blood alcohol level of 0.0799 is technically not high enough for one to be “legally” drunk.  I would suspect that this amount of alcohol in many people is more than enough to be “buzzed”.

Maybe what is needed is a revision of the DUI laws such that any level of alcohol in the body above 0.01, if that driver is involved in an accident, is enough to warrant a DUI conviction (someone pulled over for a traffic violation and who has an alcohol level of 0.02-0.08 would still be dealt with the way they are today).  This would ensure that somoene who is driving home from church on a Sunday around noon would not be breaking the law by having the sip of wine with Communion.  Another possiblity would be requiring a drivers license to be scanned electronically when beverages are consumed at bars and public establishments.  Computing technology on the back end could involve tying the IT systems of police departments into a new database system for alcohol purchases and use and allow for better targeted police enforcement in areas where a large number of photo ID swipes occur.


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