Starbucks Must Have Eyes and Ears

January 7, 2009

I recently wrote about the Starbucks Red program that took place during the 2008 Holiday season, and I’m delighted to see that Starbucks is putting the program through a few changes that make it more useful and longer-lasting.

A new Starbucks Red prepaid card is available at stores, which can be loaded with money and used on anything in the store.  Each time the card is used, 5 cents is donated towards work in Africa relating to HIV/AIDS.  What’s important about this new product is that there are no restrictions ( at least that I know of ) on what generates the contribution.  Under the old program, only three specific premium beverages resulted in contributions.


Using this card would let customers generate a significant amount of contributions towards helping save lives in Africa.  Even people who do not like Starbucks coffee due to a preference for another brand or another reason altogether might consider getting a Starbucks red card and using it to buy their morning newspapers.


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