December 26, 2008

And I’m ANGRY!

They charged $40 for an HDMI cable for my parent’s new HDTV.  The HDMI cable is simply a long wire with contactors on either end, one side goes into the cable box and the other side into the back of the TV. sells a 3 foot long HDMI cable for less than $2.  Perhaps this low price is an aberration, but a number of other Internet retailers sell HDMI cables for less than $20.  Even the Apple store, which is a reputable and high-priced store, sells them for less than $20!

I don’t think it’s just me that thinks this is absurd.  Other reputable technology blogs such as Gizmodo also find that Best Buy is a complete ripoff when it comes to this kind of item.  I find this behavior by Best Buy so unconscionable that I want them to go out of business.  I am seriously considering never ever, buy anything from a Best Buy ever again.


One Response to “Best Buy RIPPED MY PARENTS OFF”

  1. mark Says:

    only $40? Best Buy in Canada tried, very forcefully, to sell me a $100 HDMI cable. If I didn’t happen to be an electronics engineer, I probably would have bought the salesman’s story that the digital HDTV signals are very delicate and will degrade in a lesser cable and make my HD picture worse than a regular TV. When I continued to refuse to take their $100 cable, they suddenly lost interest in selling me the TV at all (it was a very good price) and I had to insist on them selling just the TV. I came to the conclusion that they were making next to no profit on the TV, but that the accessories are 98% profit. You are right, the true cost of the cable is about $2.

    It might sometimes be the best-buy, but they don’t make it easy.

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