So Much for Global Warming ?

December 18, 2008

This message currently appears on the Weather Underground forecast web page for Las Vegas, NV

Statement as of 7:20 am PST on December 18, 2008

… Las Vegas hits the Jackpot for snow in December…
An all-time record snow for the month of December in Las Vegas was
set yesterday December 17th 2008. 3.6 inches of snow was measured
at the National Weather Service office located about 2 miles
southwest of McCarran International Airport. This broke the record
for the most snow ever in the month of December in Las Vegas since
the start of official records in 1937 which was 2.0 inches on
December 15th 1967. This is now the 8th greatest snowstorm ever in
official Las Vegas weather records for any month. The 3.6 inches of
snow measured yesterday also set a new daily record for snow for
December 17th breaking the old record of a trace set in 1992.
Measurable snow has only fallen on 5 instances since 1937 in the
month of December in Las Vegas counting yesterday… 2.0 inches of
snow was measured on December 15th 1967… 0.4 inches of snow fell on
December 5th 1972… 1.0 inch of snow was recorded on December 6th
1998 and more recently 1.3 inches of snow was recorded on December
30th 2003. Thus the 3.6 inches of snow that fell yesterday is the
most snow to ever fall on a calender day in December in Las Vegas.
The 3.6 inches of snow that fell at Las Vegas yesterday was the most
snow to fall in Las Vegas from a single storm since 7.8 inches of
snow from January 30th through February 2nd in 1979.
December 2008 will now rank as the 6th snowiest month ever in Las
Vegas since 1937. The snowiest month ever was way back in January
1949 when 16.7 inches fell. The last time this much snow fell in any
month in Las Vegas was in January 1979 when 9.9 inches fell.
Snowfall records in Las Vegas were recorded at McCarran
International Airport through January 31st 1996 and since February
1st 1996 have been kept at the NWS office on Dean Martin Road.
In addition… a daily liquid precipitation record was set at
McCarran International Airport yesterday with 0.73 inches of
precipitation recorded. This broke the old record of 0.44 inches for
December 17th set in 1940.
This additional preciptation brought the December monthly total up
to 1.02 inches of liquid. This makes for the 9th wettest December on
Also… the high temperature on December 17th only reached 39
degrees. This broke the previous low maximum temperature record of
43 degrees set in 1967.


Talk about setting a lot of records in the same day!  And how often is it significantly warmer in Philadelphia ( middle 40’s ) than Las Vegas ( upper 30’s )?


One Response to “So Much for Global Warming ?”

  1. Jim Capatelli Says:

    Yeah, you’re right. Snow in Vegas absolutely “proves” that human caused global warming is a complete myth…

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Maybe you need more information. I suggest you use that fancy degree of yours.

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