Raid On Philly Bars

December 8, 2008

These two paragraphs from a post on the Philly Inquirer web site encapsulates a lot of what’s wrong with society today:

At the Triada lounge in Old City where four bartenders and an owner were arrested Friday for serving without a license, police noted that the bar menu listed $200 for a bottle of Absolut and $450 for a bottle of Grey Goose. But in the back room, investigators said, they found empty bottles of the premium vodka near full bottles of Banker’s Club, a rot-gut vodka purchased for $7 in New Jersey.

Sgt. William La Torre of Liquor Control Enforcement said he questioned the owner, Gregory J. Wright, who told him he substituted the cheaper liquor because "times are tough."

There are two obvious things I have a problem with here.  First, something is wrong with people who are willing to pay $200-$450 for a bottle of liquor at a club.  The mark-up is absolutely insane.  Grey Goose, while a premium brand of vodka, can be purchased for well under $100 a bottle

People who are in this line of work (that is, owning / operating “high-end” bars and “bottle service” oriented establishments) contribute significantly to the inequality we have in our society today.  Sociologists have long debated the relationship between societal inequality and crime.

Second, if you’re going to have the audacity to charge $450 for a bottle of Grey Goose, at least serve Grey Goose.  Not some cheap garbage.

It’s AMAZING what people will do for money.


2 Responses to “Raid On Philly Bars”

  1. Grey Goose bottles are good for many things 😉

  2. I love being over-charged for a bottle of vodka!

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