Message from Philly Car Share

December 8, 2008

I kind of got a kick out of this message:

PhillyCarShare has lowered rates on four of our Premium Cars!
We’ve been charging too much for them and so we’re moving the following cars down in price effective immediately.
Reserve today and see what you’ve been missing!
Mini Cooper Convertible: For this winter only; drive the convertible at Economy rates!
The Dodge Caravan: Now you can get a stow-n-go seating minivan with Standard rates.
Toyota Camry: Not quite a Premium sedan – the Camry has been reclassified to the Standard rate.
Volvo S40: Not quite a Premium sedan – the Volvo has been reclassified to the Standard rate.

Some of these statements are true, but some are not… calling a Volvo S40 “not quite” a premium car doesn’t make that much sense to me.  True, its not as premium of a car as a Maserati or a Bentley, but it’s light years ahead of a more walker vehicle like a Ford Taurus.

Also, who wants to drive a convertible in the winter???


2 Responses to “Message from Philly Car Share”

  1. Mr. Nachod:

    I am the temporary General manager of PhillyCarShare with the pro-bono job of cleaning up some of the mistakes made in the past.

    This Volvo is a Ford. Ford bought Volvo, Land Rover, and Jaguar, as well as stakes in other car builders. Ford then decided to do “parts-bin” engineering, and designed a standard unibody platform for a Subaru model, the Taurus, the Volvo badge, and the the low-end Jaguar.

    It didn’t work. Few people were fooled. When, as an ordinary member, I drive the faux-Volvo, it feels Fordish. Well, it is a Ford made of Ford parts on a Ford Taurus assembly-line platform. The faux-Volvo is a nice Ford, true, but it’s a Ford.

    As a result, these PhillyCarShare faux-Volvo’s sit around on parking lots, overpriced. I got sick of it and cut the price.

    Ragtops in winter: You’re right, at regular prices, no one wants a ragtop in this weather. But! People do need cheap. So I cut the price – winter only – from Premium all the down to Economy. Times are tight, and folks want economy cars.

    I hope this makes sense to you.
    J. H. Klein
    interim General Manager.

  2. Rob Says:

    Phillycarshare…still a ripoff

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