AT&T Wireless Users: Check Your Bill Carefully

October 14, 2008

Here’s a scan of a page of my most recent AT&T Wireless bill.  I was charged $1.80 for six multimedia messages, even though all three lines of service on my account are covered by a $30-a-month “Family Messaging Unlimited” feature that should prevent me from being charged any per-message fees for my text and multimedia messages.

A quick call to AT&T Customer Service resulted in the erroneous charge being removed from the bill.

I wonder if this erroneous charge is related to AT&T’s recent “update” to my account that resulted in my account number and payment address being changed last month.

I would not be surprised if other AT&T Wireless users have received minor small charges such as this one that would be removed from the bill by reporting them ( but that would be paid if they are not noticed ).

AT&T Bill Scan

AT&T Bill Scan


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