Interesting new GMail Feature

October 7, 2008

GMail now has a feature called “Mail Goggles” that aims to prevent people from sending e-mail if they are too tired or perhaps a little inebriated. 

The feature can be turned on or off in the preferences section of your Gmail account, and is designed to only operate late night on the weekends, when one is most likely to be drunk and in danger of sending out e-mails that might be hard for the recipient to understand ( or that he/she would regret sending the following day ).  A series of math problems is presented when you click on the send button, and if they are not solved correctly, the e-mail is not sent.

Good idea!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of simple skill-testing question incorporated into more activities performed online, such as transferring money between bank accounts, buying concert tickets, or uploading pictures on a social networking page.  This methodology is really a different use of field-sobriety tests which are administered by police officers to possibly drunk drivers, albeit with a very different purpose.


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