Amtrak Trains Used in Hurricane Gustav Evacuation

September 2, 2008

I read a series of postings on the Amtrak Unlimited Discussion Forum about how Amtrak trains were being used to evacuate New Orleans residents in advance of Hurricane Gustav.

This photo of an evacuation train set is stunning and shows how a variety of different kinds of rail cars, many of which are older and not used for regular service anymore, are linked together and used for a very worthwhile and potentially life-saving purpose.

It would be nice to see rail travel more widely involved in evacuation and preparedness plans in the future.  Furthermore, investing money in infrastructure such as train stations, extra tracks, and service to more cities that do not currently have train service will give our country more options when emergencies arise in the coming years.


2 Responses to “Amtrak Trains Used in Hurricane Gustav Evacuation”

  1. Tim W Says:


    I was a National Disaster Medical System Paramedic assigned to one of two evacuation trains out of New Orleans during Hurricane Gustav. There where many elderly and sick passengers on the train and my partner and myself where quite busy.

    As far as the Amtrak staff is concerned I must say that I have never before witnessed such and outstanding outpouring of compassion, competence and overwhelming sense of duty as I did during my three trips back and forth to New Orleans.

    Even though this was their very first evacuation the staff of the Amtrak train preformed herculean tasks and accommodated the needs of the 1040 people aboard my train with the skill of seasoned professionals. I hold no other individuals in any higher regard than I do those folks.

    Outstanding Job Amtrak.

    Tim W

  2. Finly Says:

    well ma girl broke with me .

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