Whaaaa! I’m Not Happy Enough Just Setting a World Record…

August 13, 2008

I have been enjoying watching the 2008 Summer Olympic Games on NBC, especially due to the displays of worthiness in synchronized diving, gymnastics, and swimming.  Many people would agree that Michael Phelps’ performances in these games have been particularly noteworthy, and I do as well.

But, I was very disappointed in Phelps’ attitude when he won the finals of the Men’s 200 meter butterfly last night.  He seemed to be disappointed in his performance, perhaps thinking that an even faster time was attainable.  No one has ever swam 200 meters of butterfly in a competition setting in a time faster than 1 minute, 52.03 seconds.  Most competitive swimmers won’t even come close to swimming the 200 fly in a time like that, let alone swim the 200 fly race, which is one of the most physically demanding of all!  Why can’t Phelps just be grateful for how well he obviously did and move on?

Phelps complained, saying, “I wanted to break the record. I wanted to go 1:51 or better, but for the circumstances I guess it’s not too bad.”  Let’s see.  Break the record, check.  1:51 or better, sorry.  Better luck next time!

1:51.99 is only four one-hundredths of a second faster than the time he posted last night, and based on his history of continually improving his own world records, I would not be surprised if he eventually achieves this goal.

So far, Phelps has won five gold medals, including in the two races where he only won a bronze in 2004.  The 100 fly, 200 IM, and 4X100 medley relay should not pose quite as much of a challenge to him.

Source for picture: USA Today


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