West Virginia Primary

May 14, 2008

I enjoy studying the maps and charts in CNN’s Election Center.  This morning I looked into the West Virginia Democratic primary results from yesterday and noticed how Obama fared significantly better in Monongalia county than in the other counties in the State ( home of Morgantown and West Virginia University, with a very different population and demographics from the remainder of the state ).  Clinton may say this state was a “big” victory, but one has to consider that both Obama and Clinton earned delegates from this primary – 8 and 20, respectively… so she really only gained 12 delegates more than Obama.


One Response to “West Virginia Primary”

  1. commentspage Says:

    I’m democrat but will NEVER EVER vote for Obama, because:
    1. Obama has never done any job from starting to the end
    2. He is a walkie-talkie
    3. He has no political ideas at all
    4. He was rised by Chicago mafia politicians
    5. His wife Michelle takes bribes
    6. His portfolio is thinner than a sheet
    7. He ruined the party with all those betrayers like Richardson, Pelosi, Kennedy ans so on

    So if Clinton is not chosen or the results are falsified (as Dean & Co try hard) then I vote for Nader or write-in Clinton

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