Southwest Airlines Shows Bizarre Reward Credit Status

April 30, 2008

When checking my Southwest Airlines account online, I was delighted that I am close to my next free flight.  However, it seems odd that I need 1.75 credits to earn it.  How do you take 3/4 of a flight?

Actually, I do know the answer.  Southwest credits can be earned from sources other than actually flying on airplanes.  When you stay in hotels and rent cars you can receive fractions of a point for these activities, and the online display doesn’t clearly show where the credits in your account come from unless you specifically request to view it.  I hate fractions and decimals when they aren’t absolutely necessary, so maybe Southwest could just multiply all of their credits by 4 to avoid making us have to deal with them.


One Response to “Southwest Airlines Shows Bizarre Reward Credit Status”

  1. ScottnearSMF Says:

    It is also possible you flew a short-distance (under 750 miles one-way) “Business Select” fare where you would earn 1.25 credits for that flight.

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