F2 6Utley 2 B 6Howard 1

April 3, 2008

Scoreboard snapshot

While it’s usually very enjoyable to watch a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, sometimes poor scoreboard operation or programming impairs my ability to follow the game.  During the most recent game I saw, the score was tied 7-7 Phillies Nationals, and I was interested in seeing statistics on the current batter.   Not only was the batter stats box (Kearns) different from the batter indicated by the batting order indicator (Belliard), there were no stats present in the Kearns stats box except for an obviously incorrect batting average of 3.3.  The inning numbers are misaligned, as are the player numbers and position abbreviations.  Wow!  And this is the major leagues!

Feel free to click the photo to view it full-size.


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