One day, 11 Trains

March 28, 2008

Between 9:30 yesterday morning and 10 o’clock last night, I managed to board 11 trains, in the course of my day trip to New York City to visit a college friend.

Patco speedline from Philly to Camden
River Line from Camden to Trenton
Amtrak from Trenton to New York
Subway #3 from 34th st to 14th St
Subway “L” from 6th ave to 3rd ave

* Lunch *

Subway “L” from 3rd ave to 6th ave
Subway #3 from 14th st to 34th st

* Starbucks *
* Walking around NYC *

Amtrak from NY to Trenton
River Line from Trenton to Camden
Patco Speedline from Camden to Haddonfield

* Watch West Virginia / Xavier Game at TJ Whelihan’s Bar *

Patco train from Haddonfield back home.

Whew! I’m taking it easy today.


One Response to “One day, 11 Trains”

  1. Dave Says:

    wow you must be a train stud

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