Florida “Walker” Weather Dampens my Tampa Bay v. Phillies Game

March 6, 2008

Today, the temperature dropped from the mid 70’s to the low 60’s in a matter of just an hour in Tampa because of heavy rain and thunder. When you’re wearing an Under Armour shirt with a Phillies jersey on top of it, the low 60’s feels cold. At least a few sufficiently worthy baseball players were seen before the game was called after 5 innings of play.

phillies-spring-training-013.jpg Tampa Player

phillies-spring-training-016.jpg Tampa Player
phillies-spring-training-017.jpg Pleasant weather at beginning of game

phillies-spring-training-099.jpg Bad weather when game was called

phillies-spring-training-100.jpg They need to learn proper grammar for their signs.

phillies-spring-training-075.jpg Let’s Go Phillies !


One Response to “Florida “Walker” Weather Dampens my Tampa Bay v. Phillies Game”

  1. Jeff Crupper Says:

    That by far was the worst weather of this Spring. Fortunately the weather has rebounded nicely, and the Phillies have even begun to win a few games while the pitching has improved dramatically over the last week.

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