“Werth”less Phillies

June 21, 2007

Early in this year’s baseball season, I noticed that Jayson Werth was useless at times as a Phillie when at bat… or should I say… “Werth”less.  Lately he seems to have come around, though.

After viewing a fairly despicable game last night against the Cleveland Indians, I thought… which Phillies are truly “Werth”less?

  • Pat Burrell ?    His current batting average is just barely above .200 (the Mendoza Line), yet he makes $13.25 million a year.  He’s projected to have 462 at bats this season, meaning that he is paid about $28,000 per at bat!!! 
  • Ryan Howard ?  Not that Werthless, but could use some improvement in his fielding mechanics for sure.  He doesn’t even make $1 million a year.  Based on 507 at bats for the 2007 season he’ll make $1775 per at bat… less than 1/10 as much as Burrell.
  • Ryan Madson ?  Not at all Werthless, in my opinion.  Occasionally his pitching could be better, but he easily makes up for his pitching deficiencies by being one of the players that is least likely to break a camera’s lens when being photographed.

What do you guys think?  Leave a comment!


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