Nigerian Fraud E-mail Scam Continues

February 8, 2007

While a student at Cornell from 2000-2004, I occasionally received fraudulent e-mails from Nigeria regarding the need to wire massive amounts of money to the United States. Widespread public education through the news media has resulted in most Internet users being aware of this scam. However, to this day, I still receive these kinds of e-mails, such as this one that I received today.

Hi, man!


Don’t be afraid of me, I’ve found your email and name on I’m not a spammer or fraudster, hacker or cheater. I am just a common guy from Ukraine, my name is Misha or Michael if it’s better for you to understand.


I have a problem, but you can help me and earn some good cash. I’m webmaster, who works with adult sponsors. I earn quite a lot on my business in Internet. But the problem is that all my sponsors pay me via checks. One part of sponsors now stopped working with other countries except USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, it means that they won’t send checks for me if I won’t take them in USA by myself. The other part of sponsors still works with my country, but checks fly to me approximately for 1-2 months, then I have to cash them, it takes several weeks, besides post office often looses checks and I pay penalty for restoring – it’s a headache for me! I need a partner in USA who will be able to help me and I will pay him for his work.


Briefly saying, this partner should open a new account or use his permanent one, report me the following information:








and give online access to this account. Then, money that sponsors pay me will be transferred to this account, as partner will cash them, he will take 10% from amount of money and send me the rest sum via Western Union, commission from my money. I will get my money 10 times faster and partner will get another source of income.


I’m not forcing you to help me, I’ll try to find another partner, if you refuse. Read the text one more time to understand the sense or email me at … if you want additional information or if you are ready to become my partner.


Yours sincerely,


Misha <> icq 99911774


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