January 25, 2007

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all the buzzwords that relate to blogs.  Since I’ve been asked to distinguish between blogs, splogs, flogs, podcasts, and Ipodcasts for friends before, I’ll present some definitions of these words here…

Blog – a web site where an individual or business publishes journal entries or articles on a frequent basis, with the posts being in reverse chronological order, and where the content is genuine (as opposed to spam).

Splog –  a blog, where the articles are spam or fake. These are often created by software, such as that sold by BlogSolution, that is sold for the purpose of allowing an individual to rapidly generate a large number of blogs for the purpose of making money off of advertisements on the blogs.  SplogSpot allows one to search for splogs.

Flog – a blog that is really designed by a public relations or communications company, designed as a sales tool.  The blog appears to be written by real people without monetary motivation, but this is in fact not the case.  A famous example is Sony’s 2006 fake blog about the PlayStation 3, called AllIWantForXmasIsAPSP.

Podcast –  this can be thought of as an “audio blog”.  A podcast is a regularly updated series of multimedia that can appear in a blog, or be subscribed to (usually for free) for listening or viewing at ones own convenience.

IPodcast – there is no such thing.  Those with limited knowledge of proper Web 2.0 vocabulary have heard of the Ipod music player produced by apple and fused it with the word podcast.


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