Septa Ticket Changes

January 23, 2007

This weekend Septa is taking their regional rail ticket machines out of service.  This may sound like a good thing – the machines are antiques, incapable of taking any bill larger than $1 (it’s fun to pay a $7 rail fare with coins), and I’ve long wished for Septa to replace them with something more usable.  However, there are no plans to replace them with new machines, as Patco did when they removed their legacy ticket machines recently.  The only option will be to use weekly or monthly passes (which are a good deal) or buy single tickets from ticket agents.

Septa really ought to consider putting new ticket machines in, with at least the following capabilities:

  • Accept $1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills and coins.
  • Purchase both one way and round trip tickets.
  • Purchase weekly and monthly passes with bills or credit cards (it’s impractical to ask someone to feed piles of 20’s into the machine to pay for a $70+ monthly transit pass).

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