Logitech makes a very nice headset/mic

January 22, 2007

Last week I purchased the Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 which the local college bookstore had on sale for $39 (the usual price is $49).  So far, I am very impressed with the sound quality and ease-of-use of the headset with my laptop computer.  One USB connection is all that’s necessary to use the unit with your computer – no need for batteries or power cables.  I’ve been using it to listen to music on the train, make phone calls with Skype, and to help a friend with recording podcasts.  So far, the quality has been great for all of these applications.

Two features in particular make this headset very nice.  First, it has an integrated hardware volume controller and mute button along the cord that connects the headset to the computer.  This saves time with minor volume adjustments during the use of PC applications.  Often times, it’s a little more work to adjust volume settings on a computer than with the headset itself.  Second, the microphone has noise cancelling functionality.  This prevents background noises (such as air conditioners, fans, dogs barking in the room next door, etc.) from degrading the recording you do with the mic.


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