Not so great deal from Cingular/AT&T

January 19, 2007

Today on the BetaNews blog, I saw a short story regarding AT&T’s plan to offer unlimited calls between a Cingular/AT&T cell phone and that subscriber’s home line, but with several caveats…  1) The landline needs to have a $50 per month unlimited local and long distance calling plan provided by AT&T (competitors such as Vonage and Sunrocket offer this for less than half this amount).  2) The cell phone needs to have at least a $59.99 per month plan (offering 900 minutes per month plus the usual freebies of unlimited mobile to mobile & unlimited night & weekends).

A better deal for those who want to make frequent calls from a cell phone to their home phone Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 9PM ( when minutes aren’t free ) would be T-mobile’s MyFaves 300 plan, which includes unlimited calls from the cell phone to FIVE (not just one) numbers of the subscriber’s choice, along with unlimited nights & weekends and 300 anytime minutes.  For only $39.99 per month….  and no requirement to have a specific pricey landline rate plan.


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