How to pay next-to-nothing for basic phone service

January 18, 2007

Vonage advertisements are ubiquitous on television these days. This is a phone company that, on the surface, appears to offer a pretty good deal, with their premium unlimited plan… $25 per month unlimited local/long distance calling (with calls to Canada and parts of Europe also being unlimited). However, with frequent calls to Vonage Customer Service, and by keeping your eye out for promotions that may be sent to you in the mail, it is possible to pare down what you pay considerably.

I signed up for Vonage in June of 2006, to use as a backup to my cell phone. Here is what I’ve paid Vonage each month to date…

June 2006


Signed up for offer received in the mail. 3 free months of the Premium Unlimited plan.

July 2006


Referred a friend … Account balance now negative $30.

August 2006



September 2006


Bill paid using credit on account.

October 2006


Referred another friend ($30 credit)… but with taxes I had a small bill to pay this time.

November 2006


Shortly before my November bill was due, I called to cancel my service. I was offered to switch to a cheaper plan ($10 per month for 100 minutes outgoing, unlimited incoming), and a free month. I accepted the offer.

December 2006


Tried to cancel again just before December invoicing. Another free month awarded.

January 2007


Called in to cancel today. Told them I use Skype for backup phone and don’t need Vonage anymore. Three free months awarded.

February 2007

Bill will be $0


March 2007

Bill will be $0



All in all, this will amount to $11 of charges for 9 months of phone service, for an average bill of just $1.22 per month! Wow.


6 Responses to “How to pay next-to-nothing for basic phone service”

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  2. mypapit Says:

    lol good work, I will keep in mind of this trick for other company/services too !

  3. […] How to pay next-to-nothing for basic phone service […]

  4. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  5. Pambudi Says:

    Thanks for the news, I hope you to comment in my blog. Okey

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