January 17, 2007

This photo is of a new apartment building at 40th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia, the Hub on Chestnut. In my opinion, there are other buildings in the city that are more pleasing to the eye than this one.


One Response to “Ugly?”

  1. mydigest Says:

    Oh well, it will be just a passing fashion. Perhaps the architect will grow to be embarrassed by it and rejoice when it is finally wrecked and replaced. But wait, the panels can be swopped for a different colour, no? Actually, I dislike the grey most of all, and the more I look at the yellow, the more I quite like it. I like yellow in certain places and applications. Here in Bournemouth, UK, we keep yellow for buses and taxis mostly. The fourth bicycle I ever had was a yellow Raleigh from a shop in Haxby Road, York. Yellow vehicles are excellently visible on rainy days and in the dark. I recall that the highway patrol mounty I spoke to and snapped in Jordan River, BC, in 1968, outside the cafe where I played On the Next Plane to London and Little Red Rding Hood, had yellow visibility stripes down the side seams of each leg of his pants. By the way, I still do not know what on Earth the Mellow Yellow song was all about. I heard it again the other day. It was a version not by Bob Dylan. Cheers, chumaco, that concludes the yellow unit of the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy sub-edition KXPC237 from Cy Quick at

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