Portable Apps

January 15, 2007

By now, most people I know that have a computer also have a USB flash drive.  These little “keys” can prove tremendously useful not only for transferring files between two computers, but also for allowing one to have a “portable” set of Applications that works on-the-go as well.  Portable apps, according to Portableapps.com, are applications that can be completely installed to a USB drive and used without any installations on another computer (that is, they work right out of the box).

My pick for the most useful Portable App is Portable Firefox.  This program allows for a considerable degree of privacy when using a computer other than your own.  A record of all the web sites you visit is recorded in the history file stored on the USB drive, not on the computer’s hard drive, so when you remove your USB drive from a computer, you also remove your personal information.   Furthermore, Portable Firefox makes it easy to have access to my favorite web sites, complete with my passwords and usernames stored in, anywhere I go.

 Quite a few other Portable Apps are available, and range from word processors to anti-virus programs to image editing programs.


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