Listen to XM Satellite Radio for Free

January 13, 2007

Here’s a trick I make use of on an almost daily basis. XM Satellite Radio charges $8 per month for an online-only listening subscription if you are not an XM radio subscriber. I’ve discovered a few ways to listen to many of these radio stations for free.

For Windows users, Winamp is a good choice. Approximately 20 of the best XM radio stations can be tuned in through the software for free, including my personal favorite, the BPM dance music channel. I particularly enjoy this XM station because it’s hard to find this format on regular over-the-air FM radio in most cities …. New York City and Phoenix, Arizona being two notable exceptions I’m aware of. If you plan on using this trick to get access to XM’s news and sports stations for free, you’ll be out of luck. Those require the full paid subscription.

If you choose to make use of Winamp, it is worth going into the Winamp Preferences dialog box, and turning off the “automatically show info on station tune-in” option that appears under the “General Preferences” settings. This prevents an obnoxious advertisement window from appearning when you tune in an XM station.

For Mac users, AOL Radio is a good choice. The same selection of XM stations from Winamp is available here.


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